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brownkind bottles and boxes laid next to each other with a drop shadow. brownkind bottles and boxes laid next to each other with a drop shadow.

We exist to celebrate and preserve melanin-rich skin.

It's time to rewrite beauty standards. Instead: A scientific approach to preserving what makes you inherently beautiful.

With over 50 years of practice in dermatology, two doctors
realized that people with melanin-rich skin continued being overlooked for
their skin needs.

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The industry has barriers that cause melanin-rich skin needs to be overlooked, which include:

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Minimal Medical Training
50% Nearly half of dermatologists and dermatology residents say they were not adequately trained to treat skin conditions in people of color.
Source: New York Times
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Lacking Educational Content
10% of images illustrate dermatologic diseases in dark skin in dermatology textbooks.
Source: Journal of Investigative Dermatology
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Little Diversity in Dermatology
4% of practicing dermatologists identify as Hispanic, and only 3 percent identify as Black or African-American.
Source: JAMA Dermatology

So our founders developed a revolutionary skincare line, made for melanin. brownkind is a platform to give voice to the needs melanin-rich skin while providing options for people to meet their needs.

Dr. Gauri Desai "Decades of dermatological practice and academic study has always had a simple truth- White skin ages differently than brown or black skin. The right routine and ingredients can help preserve the youthful appearance of melanin rich skin."

Dr. Gauri Desai

Pathologist & 20+ Years of Dermatological Practice

Dr. Abhijit Desai "We’ve spent decades educating patients who have been misguided by product manufacturers who overlook their skin needs. More than 50% of the world that is brown skinned deserves to know how to best treat their needs."

Dr. Abhijit Desai

Dermatologist & 20+ Years of Dermatological Practice