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Skincare for Melanin-Rich People

Designed by Dermatologists
Powered by Phytonutrients
Clean & Conscious

Every brownkind product is infused with our unique Even Tone Defender™ formula

Our formula is dermatologically designed with natural extracts to preserve the youthful appearance of melanin-rich skin, and:

  • Improve Skin Glow
  • Improve Even Tone Appearance
  • Reduce the visible appearance of patchiness & dark spots

Why People Love brownkind

“I love the way it feels when I put it on my skin. It really does hydrates my skin all night and all day.”


A photo of a brownkind customer with a testimonial. “One of my favorite things is the Glow Moisturizer provides hydration during the crazy weather changes.”


A photo of a smiling brownkind customer with a testimonial below. “I want to make my skin smoother, more activated and brightening. This product brought all that to me and so much more. I literally feel like my skin has been rehabilitated.”